Monday, January 26, 2009

Why do I get excited when I hear Britney Spears on French radio?

Today I got that "I'm not a complete failure after all" feeling that has been oh so rare these past few weeks!

I had my first test today. And I don't think I completely ruined it! C'est magnifique!

And I spoke in my history class! Everything I said was wrong (he asked us for synonyms of words we didn't know and I guessed!), but at least I'm trying! Haha- that's the same professor who called me "charmante", who is mustachioed in the French style, and who was limping this week. I hate to see other people in pain--especially jolly old French professors who encourage you despite the fact that you're an American who can't speak French. (He's always laughing at Kelley and me when he hears how certain cognates are pronounced in English.)

Furthermore, have I mentioned how much I adore our geography teacher? He's another one of those happy Frenchmen, but he's unintentionally hilarious. I don't know why, I guess I'm just really amused by his enthusiasm for "les villes françaises" and his very kind and slow way of speaking (he makes sure we all understand everything he says).

The lady profs are another story for another day.

Anyway, I remembered (thanks to Mom) that not everyone who reads this has facebook (where I've been posting all of my photographs), so here's a taste of things I've seen (or tasted...) in France.

My dorm room decorated with tons of maps!

More of my room (to the left of the shelf is my closet space/sink/mirror/mini-fridge)

The view of the Cathédrale St. Croix in Orléans

The church where I first had mass in France- St. Aignan (and where I nearly died on my way there and back)

Me at Joan of Arc's House explanation needed?

Le Tour Eiffel (when it sparkles!)

The view from outside the Sacré Coeur

Sacré Coeur!! (Kelley on the left, Laura on the right)

My first alcoholic purchase ever! (It's a pink wine that cost 1 euro...not a very good pink wine, but worth a euro! This is my "don't steal my cheap wine!" face that I made while wearing my new sweater that only cost 5 euros!)

Anyway, this weekend I stayed in Orléans and the weather was too crummy to venture out to the castles, but soon! Kelley and I decided to get some shopping done instead and that's when I bought my phone!!! I almost forgot! I bought a French phone so that I can talk to people here (I still want to replace my other one, but this one is good for local calls).

So, if you need to contact me from France/Europe, here's my number: 0646571312

If you have to call from the states, call from a landline because it's cheaper. Here's what to dial if you're calling from home:


I think I receive calls for free, which is good considering I don't have any money on my phone yet (I have to buy phone cards for it).

In answer to your question, Mom, I'm hopefully buying a laptop tomorrow since the library's about to close, so don't be on the lookout just yet! :) And don't worry about me getting too attached here- it hasn't happened yet and I'd miss you all way too much to ever live here by myself.


  1. PAIGE!!!
    um so yeah me and crystal discussed that when you write in french you need to write in parenthasis what they mean cause we doing speak french! haha so glad you are having fun...and you drank woot! haha miss ya paige
    Love Talia

  2. I LOVE YOU PAIGE, and i frikkin love that picture of you, you little sneaker you with your wine bottle, what has france done with you? haha, just kidding, i miss you bunches now!!!!! and your pictures are beautiful!!!! i want to look at all of them!!!!

  3. Haha- oh Taliho- I usually explain, don't I? I thought I did. Well, that's what Google Translate is for. Miss you too!

  4. haha no you don't ever explain!
    and doing translations requires work on my part
    hope your having fun!

  5. one euro? paige idk if i would drink that stuff lol. i know the euro is more than the dollar but i also know that it cant buy you that good of wine. and by good i mean bearable lol. But your time in france seems fun at least.

  6. Paige, I love the pictures! Thank you for posting them.

    Your sweater is great - I want it.

    Now that you have tried the French version of rot-gut, you must buy something good that is particularly french. For example:

    Pouilly and Fuissé are two distinct villages in the Mâconnais. The large wine area actually covers 4 villages to produce a good white wine sold under the name of Pouilly Fuissé.Although Pouilly Fuissé should be drunk when age 5

    I am pretty sure they mean when the wine is aged 5 years :)

    I have had Pouilly Fuisse and it is wonderful, but at least around here more costly than I will commonly pay. Try some for me. (hic)

    Love, Mary