Friday, January 2, 2009

le premier jour!

My first day in France!

So, already I am completely lost with this keyboard. They have totally different keys because of all the accented letters: the a is in a different spot and it makes everything trés difficile. I have to use the shift key for the period. Ridicule.

But I am sure you all want to know how everything else is, and not how much trouble I'm having with this keyboard.

Well, everything is excellente so far: my temporary host family is so nice, although they are trying not to speak English at all, so it's difficult and embarrasing for me. But they fed me very well this first night: they had smothered potatoes just like you make, Mom! As well as chicken avec champignons (mushrooms), salad (with the best cherry tomatoes ever), delicious beyond delicious bread and crème caramel for dessert. They only had one crème left and they let me have it while they ate regular yogurt. Right now I am waiting for my lemon tea to cool.

Hakim- the student whose family I am staying with is awesome. I think he is taking me to Paris tomorrow: I said I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower and he said he's lived here his whole life and never been to the top floor! So we are both going to do it and it will be AMAZING. The Khennouf family lives in a suburb of Paris (Colombe) so I haven't seen the skyline with Le Tour Eiffel just yet.

Oh! Also- I have been forewarned that Orléans gets very cold...eep! Hakim's mother doesn't seem to think that my red jacket is warm enough, but it's difficult for me to tell yet because I wasn't outside for very long. But she told me about the sales they have en janvier- similar to Black Friday.

Well, my incompetence with ze french keyboard is cutting my time short....
more later!

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  1. AHHH! I am so happy everything went well!!! How was the airport in Germany? Lol. You will be greatly missed, but I'm glad you are enjoying French-land so far!

    I will bite you again soon,