Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Sorry, loves. I haven't had time for updates lately. Due to the fact that I've been in Greece and England for the past week and a half. But I go back to Orleans tomorrow, so I should have loads of time then to get at least one entry posted. And I know I never even got to the rest of Barcelona/Madrid/Alcala, but I did write a little in my laptop notepad and I've written a little about Athens and London in small notebooks I have in my purse. Hopefully I'll be able to fill in the gaps, but knowing my hippocampus, I may have to invent some things.

Cheers! (can you tell I'm in London?)

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  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Paige. Let you go to France and France just isn't good enough. You have to go gallivanting all over the European continent. Well let me tell you girly, that sucks! I think when you get back home you should be grounded or something. After all, you said FRANCE! that was bad enough, but now all there is Amsterdam, Spain, Greece, and England too know you have adventured in and not me. Green is not a good color for me Paige, and I am getting sick of you making me be that! Good thing I love you or I would hates you!.