Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just for Aunt Mary

For one of my loyal readers, I thought I would reply to all of her comments here.

1. I also wish we had a pedometer because we walked about a gazillion miles during the first half of our vacation. It would have been interesting to know. I'll just tell myself I walked a gazillion steps.

2. I'm sorry you hates me. You're going to hates me more when you see where I'm going next. (3 weeks till our next vacation!!!)

3. I don't know why I love the pot smell...It could easily induce vomiting, but I guess I associate it with our exciting trip to Amsterdam, sooo....uhthereyougo.

4. I was wondering where the Mary comments had gone- what were you doing in Mississippi?

5. I don't remember you talking about Miep Gies- that's incredible!!! We'll have to talk about that some more when I get back (in less than 2 months!!!)

6. The fact that I got to see Starry Night was definitely a little miracle. God has my bizzack. :)

7. I will definitely come back one day with the entire family!! It just isn't the same without you guys. Really. And hopefully I'll have some wisdom to share like how to keep us from spending money on silly tourist traps and how to navigate public transportation in various countries.

8. You didn't really convince me about the cowboy-roach dancers. Nope. haha

9. I don't want to translate that entry because it's just me whining.

10. I thought I should probably post that picture on xanga instead, but for some reason it's here...I guess I've been using the xanga for entries like "plein de tristesse" lately. Alas.


Anyway, I think I've waited too long to write about the rest of my vacation and now I'm pretty sure I've forgotten many things. I'll do my best to fill in the blanks later, but I have 3 tests this week, so we'll see how much I can actually accomplish.

In other news, Julia Jay finally came to see me in Orleans!! We had superfuntimes eating lots of $.87 cake and watching movies/youtube clips all weekend. Haha- it only took about an hour to show her the highlights of Orleans, so we enjoyed taking it easy this weekend in my dorm. However, I did take her to the flamingo park on Saturday, and it turns out that the room for papillons (butterflies) is free with your admission! It was amazing. Almost as amazing as seeing one of the male peacocks open his tail feathers!!! I don't think I've ever seen that in person. BEAUTIFUL (although it looked a little painful). But I think we were distracting the mating ritual (they flare out their feathers to attract the gray lady peacocks) because he wouldn't turn around to face the female peacocks so they could see the plumage. Surely they won't swoon if they can only see the guy's butt. Anyway, at one point, a rooster (that we actually heard cock-a-doodle-doo) crawled under the fence into the peacock's area while he still had his feathers spread out, so the peacock walked over to the rooster and shook his feathery display, making it bend like an awning over the rooster. The general theory proposed for the existence of flamboyant peacock tail feathers is sexual selection, but methinks there could be an element of defensive intimidation in it too...It was pretty terrifying to behold.

On Saturday night we actually cooked dinner! Alfredo chicken pasta with green peppers and artichoke hearts. Mmmm mmm. And then we had caramel tea and more delicious marble cake. I'm going to die of a heart attack.

Our most important goal for this weekend, however, was to plan for our next 2 week vacation. Julia's begins a week before mine, but for her second week and my first, we're going to...drum roll please...GREECE! Athens + Santorini (island). OH MY GOSH! And although this isn't final yet, the plan for my second week is-----LONDON. The tickets are really cheap right now, so it's very probable that I'm going to England. I might pass out from excitement just thinking about all of this. EEE!!!


  1. omg!
    i am so jealous!
    just making me hate you even more!
    greece and london are you freaking kidding me?!
    haha well lucky you..hope you have fun
    luv ya

  2. Paige - I am so honored that you did read and respond to all my remarks. Thank you. AND YOU ARE SO RIGHT! I Hates You Even More! Everything Talia said, * 100.